Makerspaces: Introduction


What is a Makerspace? - 1:02

 What is a Makerspace?

Gives a short  description of a Makerspace (Library Makerspace) which are part of the Maker Culture.

Key Messages:
  • About exploring and discovering new ideas and creating and building.         - - Basically Innovation.
  • Its about trying something new and when you fail trying again.                      - - not being afraid of failure or having to change.
  • Most of all it's about finding your passions.                                                         - - Intrinsic motivation.

Makerspaces: What Makes a Makerspace? - 3:04

 Makerspaces: What Makes a Makerspace?

Key Messages:
  • You can learn to do anything and build just about anything you want.
  • This is a community first and foremost. A place where we come to socialize.
  • About bringing back the basic skills (shops) that we have lost.
  • It's about the people!

Makerspaces in LIbraries - 5:05

Makerspaces in Libraries

Key Messages:
  • Makerspaces are Collaborative learning environments.
  • Makespaces are defined by a mindset.     - - -   The Library as Incubator Project
  • Libraries are about Community:  Makerspaces build community connections.
  • Libraries are about Access: Makerspaces provide access to tools that can be used to create.
  • Librarians are experts in making connections between people and information.
  • Powtoon is pretty neat tool for presentations!

Edmonton Public Library Makerspace - An Introduction - (6:04)

Edmonton Public Library MakerSpace - an Introduction

Key Messages:
  • When you get significantly funded you can really have a wide scope of activities.  - - -  We'll get there.
  • Offers innovative technology and creative opportunities to Learn, Grow and Play.
  • Much more than Film, Photo and Music. Music is one of the most popular things going on.
  • The local gaming community has certainly found us and enjoys our space.
  • Look at the wide open spaces in the video.

    Charlotte Mecklenburg Library IdeaBox - 3:14

     Charlotte Mecklenburg Library IdeaBox

    Key Messages:
    • when you get ludicrous amounts of funding you can do this....
    • Note they have two Makerspaces. Their first one was not in a library branch.
      Please watch any of these following videos for examples of starter makerspaces

    The Stewart Library Makerspace


    What is a Makerspace?: Grand Center Arts Academy in St. Louis, Missouri.