Why Partnerships?

The TBPL is working from a community led strategic plan that utilizes a Library Transformation Framework to:
  • Transform services and spaces for community engagement.
  • Co-produce services with the community.
To me that simply says that we will ask people what they want and work with them to deliver it.

But Why Partnerships?

It is innovative and efficient to work together and establishing partnerships to share goals, skills, strengths, resources and sucesses or failures.

The partnership opportunities are out there and we plan to work with any group that is able to commit funding in a timely manner. Space may be allocated on a first come basis.

Current Partnerships (to Oct 2015)

TBPL Makerspace - Community Economic Development Center - Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre - Ohmbase Hackerspace and others...

The TBPL responded to an Expression of Interest for a Makerspace and Small business zones put forward by the CTB & CEDC. The TBPL was the successful applicant and so in late 2014 we brought in the local hackerspace Ohmbase group and their equipment, tools and skilled volunteers to assist the startup of the Makerspace. The TBPL also funded the purchase of the most advanced 3D printer in Northwestern Ontario ($3K) and is working towards rounding out the core equipment to include an advanced laser cutting system that our partners are providing. By working together we will have the most advanced makerspace in Northwestern Ontario.

When the TBPL, Small Business and Makerspace are combined together the result should be a hub of activity throughout the libary with all facets supporting each other.

To date the partnership has hosted:
  • Teardown Tuesdays: Usually attended by 4-8 youths who are learning about tools and technology.
  • A Science Week collaboration with TBPL Childrens Services. This  service is planning to be expanded next year through a potential grant from the Thunder Bay Community Foundation.
  • A "Learn to Code" program running from Oct to Dec, 2015 (9 weeks) hosted by the CEDC which in turn makes use of their coding volunteers. Class size is filled to 10 youths.
  • Performed several "paid" jobs for businesses and individuals who have required large 3D print jobs.
  • The NOIC plans to start a weekly evening business technical help program.
  • In Jan 22 - 24, 2016 the TBPL shall host the Startup Weekend in partnership with NOIC and Lakehead University.
New opportunities for significant funding are being explored.

TBPL Partnerships - Science North - Northern Nature Trading 

The TBPL and Science North have partnered to offer the Northern Nature Trading Experience. This is a object trading system that is present across Ontario and is being hosted at the MJLB branch. 

TBPL Partnerships - Avila Music School & Memorial Library

We have had discussions with the Avila Music School about partnering and providing shared spaces for their activities.

There are several other possibilities for partnership that have been brought to our attention and are being monitored.

What Me Worry?

Our numbers are not looking good.    Down +/-20%.

Relevancy should be very important to us. If we are relevant we may:
  • keep the buildings we work in useful and active places for our customers.
  • keep doing great things for our customers and build new relationships.

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