Makerspace: Information

After watching the videos about Makerspaces you should have a pretty good idea about what happens in a Makerspace or a Library Makerspace.

The TBPL makerspace is currently physically composed of four zones:
  • An seating or classroom area outside of the room. Doubles as the SBZ area.
  • A display area where the 3D printers and electronics lab resides.
  • A common or meeting area including shelving.
  • A 4 station computer lab with machines that are setup to do windows, linux and android development. To support 3D printing, ¬†programming, music and video production and pretty much anything required in the space.
The equipment in the space is generally available to use but at present ask in advance.
  • 3D printer(s)
  • Large collection of tools
  • Large collection of electronics.
  • A lot of materials that can be used to construct your projects.
A log of Partnership activities is available through our website.  

Please come to the Makerspace after this presentation and see the 3D printer in action or arrange a visit or lesson as you have time with either myself or Ohmbase (x72xx).